The 16th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation is the latest in the series of very successful WAVES conferences. The conference will cover a wide range of mathematical and numerical techniques applied across disciplines. It will bring together mathematicians and physicists of all backgrounds - established researchers, postdocs and students.
The conference venue is the Harnack House in Berlin-Dahlem.
A welcome reception will be held there from 17:00 on Sunday 30 June.

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Photo credit: © Max Planck Society


The conference will take place in the historical Harnack House of the Max Planck Society. It is located in Berlin-Dahlem, easily accessible from Berlin city center via the transit line U3.
Since 1929 the Harnack House has been the guest house and the conference venue of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, the precursor to the Max Planck Society. It has hosted prominent scientific figures (Fritz Haber, Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, Max Von Laue, Lise Meitner, etc.) and provides a great platform for the exchange of ideas.

For more details about how to reach the Harnack House, click here.