Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create a user account (or login) in ConfTool at
  • Submit a presentation title and short abstract before 2 February 2024.
  • Only one contribution is possible per presenting author.
  • Select up to two contributed sessions for your contribution.
  • Pay the conference fee before 12 April 2024 to avoid additional fees.
  • Submission instructions for the corresponding two-page paper will be provided shortly.
  • The abstracts and two-page extended abstracts are submitted through our registration and submission system.
  • All abstracts and two-page extended abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • The instructions and the LaTex template for the two-page extended abstract can be dowloaded on the WAVES 2024 website.
  • Submitted abstracts can be re-opened for revision at any time before the deadline.
  • The character encoding should be in UTF-8.
  • The abstracts can be entered into the system via copy & paste.
  • The abstracts may include LaTeX commands. However, they should not contain “\begin{document}” or “\end{document}”, nor should any packages be loaded or new commands be defined.
  • The submission tool is based on MathJax. It does not support enumerate environments. Enumerate environments will not be displayed in your web-browser, but of course will be set properly later in the abstract volume.
  • More information is available
  • Have more questions?

    Contact us at about the conference registration system

    or at about the conference scientific organization